Dustin Martinek, Medical-Legal Liason

Dustin Martinek is a Kansas native who had the privilege of being raised on a small family farm.  Dustin continued his higher education, while playing baseball, with Neosho County Community College and Southwest Texas State University.

In 2002, Dustin started to work as a paralegal with Ring and Associates, a personal injury law firm in Fort Collins, Colorado.  This is where he began to learn how important interpersonal relationships are between attorneys, clients and medical clinical practices.

In 2009, Dustin started working for Injury Claims Evaluations; a company who began implementing solutions for medical providers treating injured parties.  Since 2014, Dustin has been employed by Injury Solutions as a medical/legal liaison.  While employed with Injury Solutions, he has seen how interventional pain management plays an important role in an injured patient’s medical care and treatments.

Dustin is not a doctor, nor an attorney, but is a personal concierge for each injured patient.  When Dustin has down time, he and his wife Robin, enjoy attending their daughter, Madison’s dance concerts at Colorado State University, and their son, Davis’ Holy Family High School football and baseball games.