The first EVER event

to bring together all four disciplines,
provide CEC's, and teach you to
scale your business and generate more money.


  • How to scale your business to a 7+ figure practice
  • How to properly vet an unrepresented patient that comes into your office to make sure they are appropriate for billable care
  • How to grow your business by networking with attorneys and vice versa
  • Understanding who the primary disciplines & practitioners are that build a Personal Injury case and how to work with them in a multi-disciplinary practice approach
  • How to grow your team so that you have the freedom to do what you love
  • How to structure your exam and daily treatment notes for optimal payment with insurance companies
  • Proper case management between the practitioner’s office and the attorneys – bridging the gap
  • Increasing treatment compliancy with patients
  • Strategies to avoid overproduction of services and duplicate billing snafus


It is an absolute MUST for Chiropractors who treat personal injury patients to attend the Personal Injury Summit. Throughout this content rich three-day seminar...



As a primary care physician you've seen over the past few decades that we continue to work harder and harder for less and less reimbursement and compensation...



You've witnessed the vast changes in healthcare, and just how easy it is to fall behind current trends, rules and regulations, and current clinical practice guidelines...



You’ve built a successful law firm based on your integrity and desire to help your clients deal with insurance companies. Have you thought however, about how well...


Credits Earned When You Attend The First EVER Personal Injury Summit

Chiropractors: 17 Continuing Education (CE) Credits
Medical Doctors: 15.5 AMA Category 1 Continuing Medical Education (CME) Credits
Physical Therapists: 17 Category 1 Continued Professional Competency (CC) Credits
Attorneys: 2 General Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Credits 

Get Credits for Attending, and
Learn How These Featured Speakers Have Built 7-Figure Practices

“The industry has needed this event for years”
- Dustin Martinek, Medical-Legal Liason

June 9-11, 2017
Denver Doubletree Complex
Denver, Colorado

3203 Quebec St, Denver, CO 80207
(303) 321-3333