Kenneth Allan, MD, Board Certified Anesthesiologist and Intervention Pain Management Specialist

Dr. Allan grew up in Hawaii and received his medical degree from the University of Cincinnati in 1987.  He went on to complete residencies in both Internal Medicine and Anesthesia followed fellowships in Cardiac Anesthesia and Pain Management, the latter of which he has been practicing exclusively for the past 16 years. 

Dr. Allan was a partner in several high end interventional pain management practices, and was involved in international teaching as well as development, education and marketing of a unique interventional medical device.

Dr. Allan has always been an “out-of-the-box” thinker and in 2011, he founded Injury Solutions, a pain management practice dedicated to dealing with the unique needs and treatments of injury patients. He had to retrain his thinking from the traditional insurance mindset that doctors are taught.

Dr. Allan worked for several years to create algorithms and protocols based on solid medicine to facilitate the best and fastest results for each individual patient. His diverse medical background gives him unique insight into treating the complexities that often arise following an acute injury.  He has developed targeted and cascading treatment protocols and timelines that address many types of injuries. Diagnostic testing which is essential for both medical and legal reasons, is at the highest level and therapeutic procedures (including regenerative injection therapy) are utilized as therapeutic treatment, all the while maintaining his personal philosophy of “the least amount that gets a patient better is the best amount to get a patient better.”

Dr. Allan lives in southwest Denver with his lovely wife, his three children, and two dogs.  To stay balanced with medicine, Dr. Allan also plays bass for a rock band, creates art, plays tennis, snowboards, and savors the life journey.