Mike Fritz – Speaking Expert

If your anything like most authors, speakers, coaches and consultants, you would like to get booked to speak and share your message while generating a great living!

Mike is the founder of the Magnetic Speaker Blueprint and the Magnetic Speaker Blueprint Live Event – How to land tons of speaking engagements, generate loads of revenue and impact more people than you EVER thought possible. Mike’s first year of speaking, he did 6 talks for a total of $1,200. After discovering this formula Mike went from 6 talks to 100+ talks a year in just 24 months, with speaking fees into the thousands and thousands of dollars. Mike has now done over 1,000 paid presentations.

Mike still does over 100 talks a year in the college and youth markets and is relentless about helping students change their lives. When Mike was running a non-profit he had a student under his care try to commit suicide; the student’s attempt to end his life put him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. That experience changed Mike forever. As long as Mike is alive he will speak to as many students as he can, helping them see their value…and how to be world-changers.

Currently Mike speaks on stages all over the country helping speakers, authors, coaches and consultants, just like you, take their content and start getting booked to speak by their ideal clients. Mike trains speakers all over the country on how to land speaking engagements with their message in many different niches. His private clients are getting booked at national associations, major corporate events – and some are even  running their own events! And now speakers from all over the country attend Mike’s 3 day Live Event every May and October in Los Angeles, where Mike teaches enough content for his speakers to build a speaking business by lunch on the first day.

Mike has had the privilege of sharing the stage with speaking greats like Les Brown and Joe Theismann (NFL Champion and Superbowl MVP, also featured in the Movie Blindside), and has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and over 200 business journals. All of this because he discovered a system that made it easy for people to start booking speaking engagements, get their message to the world, and generate tons of money.

Mike is the goto consultant for many authors and speakers because of his simple to follow 3 part formula:

(1) How to Get on Stage: How to develop a marketing machine that is constantly working for you so you are getting booked as much as you want.
(2) How to Be Great on Stage: How to word and craft your talk so people buy into your ideas and invest in your products and services, creating tons of revenue well after the speaking gig.
(3) How to Monetize the Stage: How to quickly and easily create back end products or services (that fit your lifestyle) so that at every speaking engagements you help as many people as possible and make as much money as possible.

Mike is on a mission to train and help 100,000 authors and speakers with their message and help them get their message to the world. You don’t have to wait any longer to start generating loads of revenue and helping tons of people.